Nhan Lam Academy strives to be the foundation of what it means in self growth, where the only pathway we provide is the pathway to success. Too many students have been ripped off by other real estate companies that overcharge for training and mentorship and to add insult to injury, so little succeed in getting real results.

Our training content includes high quality video production, actionable training, and access to real-time examples from our team that will show you how to earn $100,000 per year on a part-time basis.

For the doubters, we are offering a set of FREE trial modules that will give you an idea of the information that we will be providing. If you are ready to take action now, you can subscribe at the bargain price of $19/mo. That's cheaper than the cable bill, phone bill, coffee bill every month. The difference is that this $19/mo per month will give you a return on investment of $100,000 per year.

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"To be able to get a hands on experience, is just amazing!"

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"Nhan gives a system and a formula that really provides the basis on how to get started as an investor."